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Apr 17, 2017
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As with all real estate, finding the right commercial investment often requires finding the right location. A few neighborhoods in the Washington, D.C. area offer a strong investment opportunity for DC real estate development with a good chance the building will successfully sell or rent when the project is finished.


Edgewood is a relatively inexpensive neighborhood in the Northeast portion of Washington, D.C. with the amenities people expect to find in a mixed business and residential area. Dining and shopping is available locally and the Catholic University of America provides a regular flow of college aged customers. An art scene is supported by Open Walls DC, which allows for approved changing graffiti style murals to provide interest to the views and sights in the area.


Georgetown holds the timeless classic appeal of an historic neighborhood to the West of Edgewood with modern shopping and transportation mixed along with the tourism of historic sites and libraries. Home to Georgetown University, the area has a nightlife for younger people as well as activities for the wealthier older people who call the neighborhood home. A designated commercial district makes it a great area for commercial real estate investors.

Southwest Waterfront

The Wharf is an ongoing development project in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood for commercial interests and provides opportunity for investors and developers. The first office building is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017, which gives other investors an opportunity to see how successful the area is going to be so they'll know what to expect from their own buildings. The 12 story building is on a pier, bringing an interest and novelty to the area which defines the expectations of future projects and how they will benefit the neighborhood while drawing job and business opportunities to the community.

Although commercial real estate development can be a bit intimidating to the newcomer, it is a proven means of providing a sound investment which nearly always pays off when conducted properly. As Washington, DC real estate development recovers from the 2008 real estate crisis, it is developing quickly and provides plenty of great opportunities for the dedicated developer. When a developer takes their time, does the proper research, and determines a great building location, they are almost guaranteed success with their next project.

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